Transferring Credits

Transferring Credits Into Shiloh University

Credits from course work earned at other seminaries or colleges, test-out credit earned (such as Advanced Placement test credit), or Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) credits may be transferable to the degree programs offered by Shiloh University. Shiloh University will determine the applicability of such course work/credit according to specific requirements related to each program and the following guidelines:

  • Transfer Credit: Official transcripts from the transferring institution are required for transfer credit consideration. Shiloh University reserves the right to request a course catalog and/or syllabus from the granting institution for the year(s) the credit was originally earned.
  • Test-Out Credit: Official score reports from a testing service are required for test-out credit consideration. Refer to Shiloh University’s Test-Out Examination Policy for information about specific test and score requirements.
  • Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) credit: Official report from the organization which granted the CPE credit is required for credit consideration. The University currently only accepts CPE credit from the Institute for Clinical Pastoral Training and programs accredited through the ACPE. CPE credit earned from other reputable sources may be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • Typically, credit earned within the last 10 years is considered for transfer. The consideration of credit earned more than 10 years ago will be determined on a case by case basis.
  • Undergraduate students who successfully completed composition courses more than ten years ago at other colleges or universities may transfer their credits by passing Shiloh University’s writing exam. Only courses directly related to one of our programs will be considered and the exam will only earn a student credit for courses taken and passed.
  • Shiloh University does not currently give course credit for experiential learning, prior work experience, or any other nonacademic learning.
  • Transfer credit will not be evaluated or denied solely on the source of accreditation of the sending institution.
  • Please see the admissions requirements specific to each program for more information.

During the application process, students may request that their included transcripts and score reports be evaluated for credit. Potential credit will be evaluated by the Admissions Review Committee as part of their application review. Any transcripts or score reports received during the student’s active enrollment in Shiloh University can be evaluated for credit upon request. The student must contact the Registrar to request this service.

There are no fees associated with transfer/test-out credit evaluation. The cost of any required courses waived due to credit awarded is subtracted from the total degree program cost.

Transfer Credits from Shiloh University

The acceptance of transfer credit is always up to the receiving institution. Students should always verify if credits will be transferrable to their chosen institution.

There are several tested transfer avenues that students are encouraged to consider. Students may want to consider other schools that are accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC) which offer quality undergraduate, graduate, and professional doctoral programs. Program areas include business, law, health, computer science, Christian ministry, and more. Consult the DEAC website for a list of DEAC accredited schools.

Shiloh University has formed transfer partnerships, or articulation agreements, with specific Universities to increase the likelihood of a successful transfer experience. Those agreements are listed below.

Transfer Credit Partners:

Transcript Request

If you would like to request an official transcript, please submit a Transcript Request Form. Once payment has been received, your transcript will be mailed to the requested recipient(s) within 10 business days.