Personal Enrichment Classes


Enrich and deepen your spiritual life through online university courses.

Shiloh University offers many of its courses as personal enrichment classes. These classes are excellent for those looking for an opportunity to enrich and deepen their spiritual lives without having to take courses at a degree level.

Personal enrichment classes include most of the same course materials as the degree programs, but courses are offered on a credit/no credit basis, and do not require the level of writing and scholarship demanded by the degree programs. Course work typically includes readings, lecture materials, and participation in online class discussions.

No final grades are given beyond credit/no credit. Credit is awarded only if a student earns a cumulative total of 60% or more of the available points in the course. No specific test or assignment is required for credit to be earned. Credit earned is not transferable academic credit; it cannot be applied to a Shiloh University degree program, certificate program, or transferred to another institution. Courses taken as a Personal Enrichment student do not qualify students for participation in Federal Financial Aid programs.

The recommended time for a 3-unit course is estimated at 6 to 8 hours per week.

Note: Shiloh University will award certificates of completion for personal enrichment students who earn credit as defined above.

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