Master of Divinity

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Shiloh University’s Master of Divinity degree provides professional and theological graduate training designed to equip the participant for the continued study, application, and ministering of God’s Word. The curriculum concentrates on the biblical basis for ministry practices, allowing for ministry formation in concert with the participant’s home church beliefs, and making room for the Holy Spirit to teach and minister in the participant’s life. Additional emphasis is placed on the knowledge and skills necessary to lead, teach, or minister in a church or parachurch setting. Electives can be selected in the areas of ministerial studies, languages, or biblical studies.

The Master of Divinity degree is a first professional degree focused on providing a balance of biblical, theological, and ministerial disciplines for the training and equipping of Christian ministries. It is regarded as a preparatory degree for professional ministry leadership and a prerequisite degree for Doctor of Ministry programs.

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The Master of Divinity Program Is Designed To

  • Provide a biblical, theological, historical, practical, and personal foundation for ministry from a Spirit-filled perspective.
  • Develop research and analytical skills at the graduate level necessary for the ministry and for ongoing biblical studies.
  • Foster the integration of biblical, theological, and ministry skills.
  • Develop interpersonal communication skills necessary for the ministry.
  • Develop a commitment to lifelong learning, growth, and ministry.

Upon Successful Completion, You Will Be Able To

  • Demonstrate proficiency in the authorship, literary and historical background, structure, and themes of the books of the Bible.
  • Apply the study of church history and theology to the practice of ministry.
  • Perform graduate-level research and writing.
  • Demonstrate the ability to interpret and properly apply biblical texts using sound hermeneutical principles and exegetical methods.
  • Communicate Scripture and theology with clarity and conviction.
  • Demonstrate competency in Christian ministry.
  • Exhibit the character of a teachable, servant-oriented leader.
  • Serve in a pastoral or other ministry role, and teach in a church, church institute, or Bible college.

Course of Study

The Master of Divinity degree is a four-year program consisting of 74 units (semester hours), 59 units of core courses and 15 units of electives. Electives can be selected in the areas of ministerial studies, languages, or biblical studies.

Biblical Studies (23 units)

MT 505Introduction to Biblical Interpretation3 units
NT 501Introduction to the New Testament3 units
OT 501Introduction to the Old Testament3 units
OT 502Historical Geography of Israel3 units

Choose 1 of the following

BL 501/502Biblical Hebrew8 units
BL 503/504Biblical Greek8 units

Choose 1 of the following

MT 507Biblical Hermeneutics3 units
MT 512Biblical Curriculum Development3 units

Church History and Theology (15 units)

CH 501Survey of Church History3 units
CH 502Readings in Christian Thought3 units
CH 504Spiritual Outpourings and Revival3 units
TH 501Theology 13 units
TH 502Theology 23 units

Theology Research Skills (3 units)

GS 501Theological Research and Writing3 units

Ministry Practices (18 units)

MM 501Mentored Ministry3 units
MT 501Spiritual Formation3 units
MT 506Homiletics3 units
MT 509Missions and Evangelism3 units
MT 511Principles of Spiritual Care3 units
PL 501Foundations of Liturgy3 units
JS 501Exploring Jewish Prayer, Practices, and Thought3 units
JS 503Jewish Foundations of Christianity3 units
JS 511Second Temple Judaism3 units
MT 510Divine Healing and Miracles3 units
MT 513Practical Crisis Counseling3 units
MT 514Pastoral counseling for Recovery Restoration3 units
NT 504The Gospels / The Life of Christ3 units
NT 513Jewish Background of the Parables3 units
NT 524The Life and Letters of Paul3 units
OT 505Relational Church Planting and Growth3 units
OT 525The Hebrew Prophets3 units
PL 505Relational Church Planting and Growth3 units
PL 510Stewardship and Administration3 units
PL 512Church Law3 units
PL 590Clinical Pastoral Education3 units

Graduate degree courses typically require from 10 to 12 hours per week for a 3-unit course. Some students may require more (or less) study time depending on the subject being studied.

Ministry Experience

Practical ministry experience and personal devotion are vital elements of an effective ministry program. As a first professional degree, the Master of Divinity degree requires students to document 400 hours of ministry experience, 300 hours in supervised ministry during the first two years of study and 100 hours of close mentoring as part of their final Mentored Ministry course. Students may complete these requirements at a location of their choice.

Chaplaincy Education Credit

Students looking to become a board-certified chaplain can combine Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) with Shiloh University’s Master of Divinity program to streamline chaplaincy career preparation.

  • For CPE completed prior to enrolling in the Master of Divinity program the University may accept up to two CPE credits towards program requirements including the 300 hour Supervised Ministry requirement and three units of elective credit. CPE credit applied towards these requirements must be no more than three years old and ten years old respectively.
  • For CPE credits taken while enrolled in the Master of Divinity program the University may accept up to three CPE credits towards program requirements including the 300 hour Supervised Ministry requirement, Mentored Ministry course and three units of elective credit.

While prior-earned CPE credit and concurrently-earned CPE are both considered, no more than three CPE credits will be considered for transfer. Acceptance of CPE credit is subject to the University’s transfer credit policy.


Here are a few of the faculty members teaching in the Master of Divinity program. View all faculty bios.

Ana Wood
B.A. in Management, Our Lady of the Lake University
M.Div., D.Min., The King’s University
Academic Department Manager, Dean of Graduate Studies
Teaches: Theology, Biblical Studies, Ministry, and Research Methods
Terry L. Tuinder
B.A. in Bible, New Hope Christian College
M.Div, D.Min., The King’s University
Teaches: Biblical Studies, Ministry
Igal German
B.A. in Biblical Literature and Judaica and M.A. in Biblical Literature and Semitics, University of Haifa, Haifa, Israel
Ph.D. in Hebrew Bible & Old Testament, University of St. Michael's College, Toronto, Canada
Teaches: Jewish and Biblical Studies
Steven Todd
B.A. Psychology, Cal State Northridge
M.A. (M.Div. Equivalent), Fuller Theological Seminary
D.Miss., New Geneva Theological Seminary
Professor at The King’s University
Teaches: Ministry

Graduation Requirements

To graduate with the Master of Divinity degree the student will:

  • Complete the minimum number of units required.
  • Successfully complete all courses in the degree program.
  • Earn a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0.
  • Fulfill any outstanding school financial obligations.