Graduate Non-Degree Status

Up to 4 $200

Earn seminary credit without enrolling in a full degree program.

Students who want to take classes for graduate seminary credit without enrolling in a full degree program can apply for non-degree status. Non-degree students can take up to four courses for credit without having to enroll in a degree program.

Non-degree enrollment at a graduate level provides the opportunity to study at Shiloh University for the following:

  • Students who want to continue their post-secondary education without enrolling in a program
  • Those who are simply unsure about pursuing one of the University‚Äôs graduate programs

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Courses taken as a non-degree student are taken for graduate seminary credit. Therefore, the tuition costs, required coursework, hours of study per week, proctored exam requirements, and prerequisite course requirements are identical to those expected of degree students. Non-degree students are also subject to all student policies, including the student code of conduct. Courses taken as a non-degree student do not qualify students for participation in Federal Financial Aid programs.

View the list of current courses and graduate course catalog for information on available courses.