Online Learning

Globally accessible, 100% online programs with no residency requirements, providing the flexibility to balance family, work, and school.

Shiloh University recognizes the educational needs of individuals in various locations throughout the world who live a busy and committed lifestyle, including those who carry responsibility in churches, are in the mission field, or have work, service, and family commitments. We also recognize that many young men and women are receiving training through mentoring relationships and through active ministry responsibilities. Considering these important realities, Shiloh University’s online courses allow busy students in any location to participate.

Each student must evaluate and determine if online learning is right for them. In the online learning environment, the student will not have the opportunity of receiving “face-to-face” verbal instructions and answers from their instructors. It is important to be a self-starter and have a personal discipline to study. The advantages are the student’s ability to schedule their own weekly study time in a way that fits their circumstances and lifestyle.

Shiloh University conducts three terms of study per year, each term being 15 weeks in length. This allows enough study time for working students to complete at least one course per term, and to complete a program of study in a reasonable number of years.

For information about the University’s Accessibility Accommodation services, see our Disability Services page.