Online Course Design

Shiloh University courses are comprised of these elements:

  • Online course delivery system
  • Course materials that are developed to be easily followed, with adequate instructions and suggestions for effective study
  • Instructional materials that include an introduction with study tips, a syllabus, and weekly lessons that guide the student into the content of each course
  • Course content typically found in textbooks, lectures/lecture notes, online resources, and other supplemental materials
  • Weekly lessons containing helpful hints that will facilitate learning and save the students valuable study time
  • Weekly asynchronous discussion forums for student-student interaction
  • Faculty and staff who are student-oriented, providing a supportive and encouraging atmosphere

Prospective students should be aware that the University’s courses are designed for weekly asynchronous interaction with course materials and with other students. University courses are 15 weeks in length. Each week has assigned interaction with course materials and with fellow students. Typically, weekly assignments are due by the end of a week. Weekly discussions may begin mid-week and continue through the weekend. In each course, students participate in learner communities where meaningful interaction with the content, fellow students, and the instructor are integral to the learning process. The University values vibrant, healthy, and respectful dialog centered on Christian values to promote learning and formation through relationships. See also Course Conduct and Etiquette.

Please see the Technology Requirements for studying with Shiloh University.