Ordinary People, Extraordinary Things

This past month, the Jewish people and many Christians celebrated the feast of Purim. During this feast, the book of Esther is read. This biblical story shows us how God raised up Esther and Mordechai and placed them in a relationship of influence and authority for the benefit of His people. A similar theme is found in the story of Joseph in Egypt and the story of Daniel in Babylon. These stories show us how God raises up His people and positions them in relationships for the benefit of His people, and in reality, for the benefit of all people.

When we read of the many examples of the men and women who walked by faith with God in the eleventh chapter of Hebrews, we are exhorted to follow in their footsteps. Similar to this, Jesus taught that John the Baptist was one of the greatest prophets that God sent into the earth, yet the least one in the kingdom of our heavenly Father is greater than him (Luke 7:28).  There are a number of wonderful lessons of inclusion and destiny that can be drawn from Jesus’ statement. It speaks to the great potential we all have as we love and serve our Father.

God is continually on the move in every generation to bring about His will. He uses ordinary people like you and me to accomplish extraordinary things. All that God does is through His love, and all that He accomplishes through His people is an opportunity to show His great love. So, consider how God has called you to impact your family or community, to impact your church or business? How can God position you in spheres of influence? There is no place too great or too small in God’s eyes, for His love encompasses the whole world and yet is focused on the need of each individual person.

God took a young Jewish girl and made her queen of the Persian empire, loved by her husband, the king. He took one of the youngest of twelve sons who was sold into slavery and positioned him next to the king of Egypt. He took a young man who was exiled with his people into a foreign country and positioned him in administration over the kingdom of Babylon. He took a young man and woman who loved their family and through them raised up the One who would be the Savior of the world. There are many examples of ordinary people who, through faith, accomplished extraordinary things. What can God accomplish through you?

Written by Chris Reeves, President
March 19, 2021

President Reeves is a founding member of Shiloh University’s Board of Trustees and is responsible for the University’s operations and executive leadership.

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